Wednesday, 26 February 2020

I can post again

After two years of not being able to upload photos to this blog, once again I can. 
We have had many adventures in 2019, a shame not to be able to document them but hopefully we can start doing this again now. 

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Stoke Golding

We are now about half way up the Ashby Canal, at Stoke Golding.

Unusually they are offside visitor moorings.

We made the turn in quite well. And there is a disused stop lock.

We had a great breakfast this morning before setting off. I needed to find a Saturday Guardian, which proved very difficult in this part of Coventry but I ran across a wonderful cafe that did breakfast and then drove me back to the moorings.

It was delicious.

The Ashby is interesting with many sandstone bridges.

But all three pubs in Stoke Golding were meant to be open at 14:00 on a Saturday but only one was. Good job it was the GBG pub.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Hawkesbury Junction

We are back out on the boat again. Yesterday we made it as far as the Barley Mow at Newbould.

After much cleaning, washing and ironing

and eventually a call out from the car rescue team to start my car and then a new battery we took Kenny and Gracie home and got back to the Boat.

Today we are moored up by lunchtime.

And are going to visit the Greyhound at Hawkesbury junction.

Its a GBG pub and does good food.

The pumphouse here looks interesting, I hope it gets restored.

But this is our current view as we relax.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Back to base

We have made it back to our marina after 17 days on Magpie ii.

Yesterday we stayed in Braunston.

Gracie enjoyed feeding the ducks.

There was a frenzy when the food was thrown in.

When we went to the Boat House for tea, Alison couldn't help but notice that the free WiFi after a day of no internet meant everyone was making the most of their devices.

This morning we went to the Gongoozlers Rest for breakfast.

When we sensed a gap on the rain we made a run for it and stayed dry.

You can either sit out in the sun or just make use of the marina WiFi.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Today we arrived back in Braunston. Yesterday we decided to stay in Napton as my back was playing up.

We found a delightful village shop and a craft cidery where purchases were made.

We made the most of the fresh air and sunshine.

Today we walked around Braunston and visited the Guardian's number 1 canal side pub, The Admiral Nelson.

Monday, 6 August 2018

The Folly

We have made it to the Folly at Napton today.

The young lady behind the bar recognised me as her former teacher. Just another example of the small world we live in.

Some interesting sights en-route.

Fancy a bath here?

Looks fun to me.

This boat is by the canal but with no access to it.

At least stopping at 14:00 means you get a mooring.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

All's not fair in Cropredy

Last night when we got back from shopping we found an addition to our solar panels.

After England had beaten India in the test match, I didn't mind another duck.

Today we headed for Cropredy and were very disappointed to find the same boats in the same moorings they were over a week ago. These are 24 hour moorings.

We had to cruise an extra 4 hours well past Fenny Compton to find an available mooring.

We found that the bottom lock at Claydon had metal gates. Quite unusual.

The pounds through this section were really low and a boat coming the other way refused to leave their lock until I had progressed to the lock moorings meaning I grounded not them. Very selfish.

All the other locks had traditional wooden gates.

Just south of Fenny Compton is a cast iron turnover bridge which unusually does not have any way for the horse to pass under it.

Finally we found a mooring.

Very rural but the first available spot in 3 hours.