Sunday, 12 November 2017


Yesterday we took Magpie II to Clifton Cruisers for Blacking and engine service. It was the first time we have ever cruised in November and it was much colder than anticipated. I don't have any gloves on board but I soon will have.

The locks at Hillmorton have had a new beam fitted.

Other than that everything was much the same, just very few boats moving.

We then had a 6 mile walk back to the marina to pick up the car so when we finally got home, and with it being Saturday night, we decided to pop to The Midland in Bearwood for a quick drink. The beer was great and even managed a bit of celeb spotting when Adrian Chiles sat at the next table.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Only me!

A few weeks ago whilst out for a walk in stumbled across these.

Totally by accident I had discovered the remaining tram track at the Rednal terminus of the Birmingham trams.

This got me thinking about what else is left around the city. So today I decided to find out.

There is some more track (the only other section I believe) in Edmund Street.

There are also 6 surviving depots.

The nearest to us is in Selly Oak.

There is a second in Kings Heath which is now a damaged goods shop.

Moseley depot looks run down but still quite impressive.

Walking distance from this was Highgate Road depot.

With a similar crest and light fittings to Moseley.

Next was Witton depot.

And finally Miller Street.

But the best is in the Think Tank Science Museum. But very difficult to photograph without obstructions.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Netherton tunnel - From Above

Today we went for a walk. We decided to walk over the top and see if we could find the vents.

It wasn't as easy as all that as there is quite a bit of it under private areas with no access but we tried.

Just up from the North portal is Tividale park and from there we got this view.

Then the tunnel goes under a housing estate.

This was spot number 2.

Then the most unusual one.

Is that a roundabout in the distance?

Actually, it's not a roundabout, the road just passes either side of it.

Spot number 4 has a label on it.

Unfortunately after this the tunnel goes under private land with no access or public footpaths.

We were following a footpath when we noticed a stile to our right and a well walked path which did not appear on the map. Well why not? So we followed it and we're very glad we did.

And then as we approached Bumble Hole one final one.

And finally we'd made it overground.

I'm not sure how many vents remain, but we were pleased with finding so many.

We pressed on along the Dudley number 2 canal.

This is where Titanic's anchors were made.

We finally reached the Dudley Tunnel where we left the canal and walked around the Wrens Nest. A great day.

Thursday, 24 August 2017


We made it to Welford yesterday. It was very busy but we managed to get a two day mooring and then had a hugely enjoyable afternoon with Sue and Ray on NB Fringillidae.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

I'm inclined to like Foxton

Today we decided to cruise past the Welford Arm and go to Foxton

Alison took some pictures en-route.

Foxton has two staircases of 5 locks each. This is from the top.

Half way down looking up.

And from the bottom.

We were more interested however in the remains of the inclined plane which ran for the first 10 years of the last century.
The first glimpse was from the car park.

They had huge pulleys to pull the caissons with the bots in.

We walked to the bottom of the plane.

And the climbed it.

Half way up.

And the view from the top.

There is a replica rail to see.

And an old barge as it would have been.

It is clear to see where the ropes and rails would have run.

And the arm to the plane is still in water.

Which provided a lovely view for us.