Sunday, 26 March 2017

Steam Train

Yesterday we got to enjoy our Christmas present to each other.

We were in premier Dining for a trip to Hereford via Newport.

It was great and very luxurious.

It was a great day with super weather.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

First day of the season

A damp cold day but I drove the first tram of the season up the line.

It was a nice quiet day with a few passengers. Roll on summer.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Last tram

Yesterday was my last tram driving of the season.

It was a special event called Starlight Halloween.

There were lots of trams out.

And many other child friendly activities.

My first drive was to do a lunchtime relief for the crew of Blackpool 40.

After this it was time to get out my tram which was Leeds 345.

It is the only opportunity to drive in the dark at the museum.

Thoroughly enjoyable but an unbelievable 3 different road closures on the way home and some mistakes on the diversions meant we didn't get home until after 11 o'clock.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Monday, 24 October 2016

Catch up 4

Today we have been to London to meet some friends of Alison from the Czech Republic.

We had lunch in the Red Lion on Whitehall but didn't spot an MPs.

We then walked up to Camden Lock to do a bit of research for when we finally manage to get to London. It was very busy around the market, but the canal was quiet.

We walked on the canal towpath right through Regent Park and London Zoo. You could see quite a few animals but also I was worried about animals of another sort mugging me if I got my camera out as it was going dark, so no pictures of that. However it was a lovely trouble-free walk in the end.

Catch up 3

Yesterday we decided to take the plunge and go and look at a new marina. It's not that we are in anyway dissatisfied with Droitwich, quite the opposite, we have been very happy there. It's just that we have cruised those canals and only being able to get out for short breaks, feel having another base will give us a chance to explore other areas.
We were so impressed we decided to sign up. Here is Kenneth in what will be our berth.

The entrance to the marina is shown by the red fence.

And it is going to have very wide pontoons, our current one must be 75 centimetres the new one will be one and a half metres full stop a considerable difference.

There is not much else to show as obviously everything is under construction but we have decided to be very close to the amenities block. Having to set off 10 minutes before you need to go has almost proved costly on numerous occasions.

Catch up 2

Last week we went to visit Magpie II at Droitwich and touch up all the paint work from the scrapes during the summer. It was a relatively uneventful day until I got the chance to take these pictures of Gerald and Margaret's house where we go to get all our eggs and vegetables. Their produce is delicious and really is the House at the end of the rainbow.